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Ski Equipment Checklist

A Comprehensive Ski Equipment Checklist for Fantastic Skiing

So you are yearning to get down to the slopes for your first ski vacation? Well, it is understandable because not only will you enjoy scintillating scenery on the slopes, you will also have the perfect workout on the runs. Indeed, skiing can be called the ultimate vacation activity because not only do you work out, but also meet incredible people while at it.

Don’t Forget Your Ski Equipment

Nevertheless, you need to check your ski equipment because this determines how exciting your experience will be up in the mountains. In the excitement of packing, many skiers forget crucial items necessary for the ideal skiing experience.

You can be sure that if you forget your ski trousers, for instance, you will suffer needlessly in your jeans when you attempt to tackle the snow. What do you need for the perfect skiing vacation? Here are some basics.

Ski Equipment: Ski Boots

Cold feet are the major complaint most beginners make when they hit the snow. Well, you have to consider this as the most important item in skiing. You need to visit a boot fitter who will professionally choose the right gear for you. Make sure you can wiggle your toes when you fit them to ensure circulation.

Make sure you wear light-weight socks when buying these boots and more importantly, make sure you are comfortable. It is also important to get the best binding to attach your ski securely.

Ski Equipment: Waxes/skismøring
Waxing your skis (swix smøretips) is just of like drinking water – it’s impossible to do it too much. Waxing on a regular basis not only makes you go faster, it makes turning and handling smoother and more predictable and protects your bases from abrasion. Ensure you have high quality wax(swix) with you at all times.

Ski Equipment: Clothing

You will never enjoying a skiing experience if you have the wrong type of clothing, period. Exposure on the snow can be fatal hence the need to keep warm by investing in a hat, warm waterproof gloves or mittens, ski socks, sunglasses and goggles, thermal top and bottoms, helmet, waterproof ski jacket and trousers, neck warmer, among other items of clothing to keep you comfortable.

Well, you can’t ski without your ski pole and a board and, in fact, these should be the first items to consider when you start packing. Before heading out to the shop, make sure you have confirmed expected temperatures in your preferred destination as it will determine what type of clothing to buy.

It is also important to consider the type of run you will be skiing on to determine the best pole and boots to purchase. Whether you have ever shopped for this gear before or not, you are in luck because most ski equipment stores have experienced attendants who know everything about ski areas and the right gear to use. These agents will also advice you on the best gear based on your ability.